In the moment.

Understanding and improving customer experience

Yorn (Your Opinion. Right Now.®) is a unique, closed-loop, real-time feedback/engagement platform for healthcare, business and hospitality settings that enables patients/consumers and participants to provide real-time feedback, in the moment, on any experience. Yorn’s innovative direct link to the patient enables rapid-cycle change management opportunities and performance improvement. Patients feel more engaged because they have an opportunity to influence change not only in their own experience, but also in the outcomes of others. Yorn has demonstrated significant traction, garnering compelling evidence that it helps organizations understand and improve customer/patient experience.  Yorn’s real-time feedback platform focuses on capturing the authentic voice of the consumer in healthcare settings. It is a multifaceted tool designed to overcome uncontrollable variances in its target audiences using deceptively simple, highly focused, and proven technology. 

See your business through 
the eyes of your customer.

Yorn is the instant feedback system that creates a direct line of communication between you and those who matter most — allowing you to know what’s great or not so great about your total customer experience. Use Yorn to help turn your audience and customers into your daily report card deepening your relationship by making them part of your experience and engaging them to help craft your business to align with their wants and needs.


Social media is noisy, misdirected and potentially dangerous feedback that can harm your reputation.

The truth is, all feedback is not the same. The most valuable feedback reliably captures the authentic voice of your customer in an actionable, timely, and relevant manner. Yorn enables closed-loop, authentic feedback and provides you with insights and answers that create opportunities to change outcomes in meaningful and productive ways – ways that provide a better experience for your customers or patients and improve qualitative performance. 

Yorn's patent pending IP, proprietary know-how and extensive service industry expertise in delivering rapid cycle change management tools improve customer experience and deliver economic benefit that:

  • Correlates to higher quality ratings on performance than traditional survey methodologies
  • Isolates negative feedback (from social media) and redirects it to empowered leadership
  • Enhances satisfaction
  • Ensures and promotes compliance with standards of service excellence
  • Favorably influences outcomes