Yorn® is a real-time feedback platform with factual evidence it helps organizations understand and improve the customer/patient experience.

Yorn – (Your Opinion. Right Now. ®) is a real-time feedback platform that enables participants to provide feedback on any experience using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Optimized for mobile, patent pending and HIPAA compliant, Yorn enables providers and payers to identify root causes of potential problems and make appropriate operational changes that improve experience, satisfaction, and compliance with care plans.

Yorn's executive team has a long-standing successful track record working together in previous ventures, solving big problems. Team qualifications include PhD and C-level, patent holding industry leaders in all aspects of enterprise software, security, privacy, mobile, marketing, market research, customer satisfaction, customer experience, hospitality, healthcare, change management and ops.

The entrepreneur-led team of scientists and experience experts continues to enhance the solid technology and ease of use that Yorn provides to a growing number of customers in enterprise, hospitality, meetings and conferences, automotive and healthcare.