What is Yorn?
Yorn (Your Opinion. Right Now.®) is an innovative real-time feedback platform that is delivered to any web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) to gather comments, ratings and feedback on any experience.

How does Yorn work?
Yorn is a web application that is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Participants simply access an easy Yorn URL (for example: yorn.com/yourname) and provide feedback.

What does Yorn stand for?
Yorn stands for “Your Opinion Right Now ”. Yorn is your means for capturing actionable, relevant and in-the-moment feedback with no noise.

What’s the difference between apps for my phone and web apps?
Apps for your phone must be downloaded and launched when you need them. A web app like Yorn is accessible from any browser. So just by visiting the Yorn URL, you will have full use of the service.

How can Yorn help my business?
Yorn gathers honest feedback on any experience and helps organizations understand what their customers/users/patients are experiencing and enables improve .

Is Yorn anonymous?
Yorn was originally designed to be completely anonymous, however Yorn can also be customized to include names, groups or metadata.

What is a Live Wall?
A “Live Wall” is a place where comments that people make about your product or service can be viewed. Using the “Live Wall Moderation” tab in your Yorn Dashboard you can control which comments are viewable by your audience.

How can I respond to people who have requested a reply?
You can only respond to those that have provided their email addresses. This feature is available from the Current Yorn tab on the Dashboard.

What do you do with the email addresses you collect?
We are not in the business of selling or renting your information to any third party and do not share your personally identifiable information with others, except when necessary as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Can my respondents remain anonymous?
By default respondents are anonymous. They have the option of entering their email address that we keep confidential. You can communicate with them if they enter their email address through the Yorn Dashboard.

Can I export my data?
At this time data export is only available to enterprise customers.

How much does Yorn cost?
Currently, for a limited time, basic Yorn services are FREE. See Terms of Use.

Do I need an iPhone to use Yorn?
Any web enabled phone or device with a browser will work. SMS access coming soon.

Are there enterprise solutions available for my company?
Yes, contact the Yorn team and we will work with your company to provide a unique and customized solution to fit your business needs.