Communication is Healthy 

Today’s patients are vocal customers with expectations and choices.

In this historic time of massive healthcare reform, regulatory requirements and mandated surveys, it’s more critical than ever to treat your patients as valued customers. Healthcare systems are transitioning their experience from just hospital, to hospital-ity. Yorn enables you to see yourself through your patient’s eyes, allowing you to check YOUR vitals for a change.

Yorn is a groundbreaking and easy to use, real-time feedback platform for acquiring patient comments and ratings across a diverse range of healthcare settings. Yorn’s streamlined approach to “Feedback-as-a-Service®” (FaaS) enables patients and participants to provide feedback, in the moment, on any healthcare experience; in the hospital, an outpatient setting, educational meeting or event, or at home. 

Although Yorn's customers are providers and payers, its utility is designed to enable patients, family members, and clinical staff to provide real-time feedback on any healthcare experience, by using any mobile device. Yorn solves for variances in its target audiences by eliminating communication barriers and response decay, and enabling surrogate communication, resulting in engagement levels that are on average 3x that of traditional survey methods.

Problem Yorn Addresses

Currently, healthcare providers obtain patient feedback using predetermined surveys completed after the experience and only by a small percentage of patients. The provider obtains little insight into the relationship between its response to patient needs and the impact on the quality and outcome of patient care. The result is that no one is given the opportunity to improve patient centered care at a time when it can be positively affected.



Why Now is Better than Later. 

Yorn is transforming the healthcare experience through its mobile-optimized, web-based portal for instant feedback and patient ratings. Capturing the authentic voice of the patient enables healthcare providers and payers at every level to systematically identify root causes of issues and make appropriate operational changes that improve patient experience and satisfaction. Yorn delivers clinical and economic benefit that can correlate to higher quality ratings on performance.

It is clear that patient feedback is a material component in the healthcare landscape, particularly as it impacts payment, reimbursement and performance metrics. Continuous improvement is core to Yorn’s methodology in optimizing the way healthcare providers and payers listen and react to their patients. 

Listen. measure. Improve. 

Direct, relevant, and actionable feedback is securely accessible through live dashboards and customized notifications. This data enables internal teams to effectuate improved patient care and patient–centered outcomes.

Utilizing proven metrics and mobile technology, Yorn delivers a real-time solution to the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Yorn is simple to use, easy to integrate, cost effective to deploy, and HIPAA compliant.


The overall quality of the patient experience: IMPROVED.

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Compelling Evidence

Through its work with a large regional health network, Yorn has demonstrated early traction and compelling evidence that it helps organizations understand and improve the customer /patient experience as an ongoing process.  These insights can enable leaders to develop rapid cycle, continuous improvement methodologies that translate into improved mandated patient survey scores, and increases in revenue from higher reimbursements and patient referrals.

Improvements in patient experience can result in financial gain for the institution and protection against reimbursable erosion. Both providers and payers are looking for solutions. Yorn offers you a tool for a continuous understanding of your patients or members' views, with the specificity necessary to react and to change course as necessary.