Simple engagement

From simple printed promotional materials that advertise the opportunity to connect (pull) to unique links sent directly to the respondent by text or email (push), the friction of attempting engagement is minimized.


Convenient access at your fingertips  

Using their own web-enabled device, or one provided to them, patients, staff or customers can connect to a short URL link or receive a secure automated link sent to their email or phone.  Anonymous or direct, the Yorn web app is delivered securely from the cloud. No download. No app store. No sign-up. This direct connection to any experience will provide unparalleled insights that transform the quality and outcome of patient care, customer service and the proficiency of any organization. 


Continuous Engagement Drives Continuous Improvement 

Securely stream real-time, actionable feedback directly to designated management specifically for key customer lifecycle experiences across all venues and touch points.

Yorn solves for variances in its target audiences by eliminating communication barriers and response decay, and enabling surrogate communication, resulting in engagement levels that are on average 3x that of traditional survey methods. With Yorn, it is easy and engaging to collect relevant and timely customer feedback, whenever, wherever, using ubiquitous mobile solutions. 

Unstructured Feedback made Actionable

Yorn embodies a simple user interface that requires no training or instruction manual. All text and branding is customizable and poll questions are driven from a dynamic database to deliver only relevant questions to the appropriate respondents at the right time.

Vital statistics about your offerings are a click away. Your Yorn Score indicates how effective you are in converting your audience to active promoters of your business. The score ranges from -100 to 100. A negative score means you are creating more detractors of your offering than promoters. The higher your score, the better.

Unlimited hierarchical folder views

Real-time indexed and tagged verbatim comments