Yorn is a real-time feedback platform that allows participants to be engaged throughout any experience in a simple and direct way. 



By accessing a unique URL through a smartphone, tablet or any web-enabled device, respondents can submit comments, ask questions and give NPS-style (Net Promoter Score) ratings about any aspect of an event, specific experience or topic. Feedback is delivered to a secure and dedicated dashboard that is easily accessed only by those authorized. Yorn is customizable to include menus for multiple sessions with integrated poll questions in a format that can also be projected for use and viewing as a moderated live wall in real-time.

Yorn has gathered compelling evidence that it helps organizations understand and improve customer/patient experience. Our entrepreneur-led team of scientists and experience experts continues to enhance the solid technology and ease of use that Yorn provides to a growing number of customers in enterprise, hospitality, meetings and events, automotive and healthcare.