Capture the relevant voice of the individual - at extreme scale

Often, when business leaders hear the word ‘feedback’, they tend to think they’ve got that covered because they’re already doing plenty of surveys or focus groups. The truth is, all feedback is not the same. The most valuable feedback reliably captures the authentic Voice of your Customer in an actionable, timely and relevant manner. Yorn enables authentic feedback and provides you with insights and answers that create opportunities to change outcomes in meaningful and productive ways — ways that provide a better experience for your customers and patients, thereby improving qualitative performance for your institution.


Protect & control your reputation

There’s a lot out there being said about you, but what’s being said to you? In today’s hyper social media world, everyone is an author, but the true Voice of the Customer is getting lost. That’s why the proactive and direct nature of Yorn feedback is so valuable. Yorn provides a private, secure, closed loop environment that’s all signal and no noise. Most importantly, your customers or patients are telling you directly about the good things or the not so good, rather than turning to social media to dangerously broadcast their frustration and disappointment to the world to see (and regurgitate) forever.


'Now' feedback is better than 'later' feedback

Unlike other methods, Yorn captures feedback in the moment. As one gets further away from an experience, opinions lose focus and value. We call this response decay. If you are used to relying solely on survey tools that are days, weeks or months after-the-fact, your ability to change outcomes diminishes and so does the quality and effectiveness of your improvements. So when the moment is lost, that game-changing piece of feedback is gone forever.  Unlike other methods, Yorn captures feedback in the moment — when it's both actionable and relevant.


Influence Outcomes

Feedback is not feedback unless it’s designed to influence outcomes and affect change. Yorn provides directed and relevant feedback in real-time to those empowered to address problems and implement operational changes to improve the customer experience and satisfaction.  Additionally, Yorn provides metrics and analytics to identify trends to help make root cause analysis more efficient, timely and accurate. Combined with Yorn’s best practices in improving satisfaction and experience, as well as its comprehensive change management consultative services, Yorn can help you implement lasting rapid cycle, continuous improvement in a highly reliable manner.